Let our skilled team handle your data migration

Service migration

Are you considering a change in your computer system ? An upgrade ? Genious Communications has provided the solution for you.

Your transition from an existing state, an information system and / or application to a specified target is managed by our services, your data moves without loss, the entire process is managed by our solutions to guarantee access to services on their new environment in record time.

The simplicity of the approach

Fill your form, one of our experts will contact you and will take care of the whole process.

Controlled Migration

Transfers are performed by steps, from the technical study and the identification of transferables, passing by the test version and debugging until the final transfer, everything is under control.

The custom transfer

What? When? and how? Genious Communications is committed beyond the usual transfer process, to offer you the most suitable transfer experience to your environment.


Could I migrate my site safely ? Depending on the old and the new hosts, specific steps can vary, the principle is still always the same and Genious offers delivery after a detailed technical review of your websites.

  • Identifying the needs
  • Identifying the target accommodation to these needs

Entrust us the migration job of your website(s), and you will not even feel the change.


Our methodological rigor, the robustness of the Genious technology and know-how we have acquired on large-scale projects allow us to meet the specific needs introduced by the data migration projects, a comprehensive and smart data recovery. Entrust us your migration and your data will move safely.


Migration from one server to another is not without risk and, this can make your website unavailable. Genious Communications is committed to supporting you throughout your migration, having a professional migration is above all, speed, reliability and total transparency for your users, at noon as at midnight, you will not feel change, welcome to your new server! Already?


Do you want to migrate an existing client-server application? A desktop application or web 2.0 application & go to rich web for remote access, local or mobile data without sacrificing usability or productivity? Genious has the solution for you, by allowing you to withstand reasonable and controlled costs.

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